Brave New Writer

First blog…first blog post…don’t fear the unknown.

I’ve read as much tutorial help as I can take for now (hot day, half beer, no children home to interpret) and will just write, post, customize as best I can.  After all, it’s the internet and any facet I finally absorb will probably change as soon as I grasp its implications.

Where would any of us be without the encouragement of friends?  I would include family but funnily enough, that often isn’t the case.  In families, you’re a place holder and sometimes it doesn’t appear to be necessary for the well-being of the pack to support your efforts beyond that role. But friends …. those chosen few that agree to peek into the cracks you open to your innermost soul and then still like you.  Those people – where would we be without them?

I certainly wouldn’t be here blogging.  Without a push from her off this high diving board, I would be making a shameful and lonely descent back down the ladder.  My mentor for this experiment in writing is infinitely patient, kindly turns a blind eye and gives mute expression to my more elementary blunders then suggests an answer and perhaps  a brief lesson.  It might be her training as an elementary school teacher but I like to think that she cares enough to spare my feelings. May her blog forever prosper.

When I review the interesting experiments in my life I realize that most of them would never have happened without the inspiration and support of friends.  How appropriate then that this foray into the electronic world forum should happen – so many more potential friends…