Happy Old Year!

What a busy time of year September is! It always feels more like the new year to me than January 1st does.

The end of summer in Canada usually means the end of the freewheeling outdoor lifestyle of lazy days on beaches, in gardens or hiking and meals enjoyed al fresco with relatives and friends that often have the time to connect only while on holiday. Sad to see it end but also somewhat of a relief to return to a schedule and plans for the new school year, theatre season and maybe a diet and exercise regimen because there is still time to lose a size or two and fit into that great New Year’s outfit.

I usually preserve the last of the garden’s bounty (not necessarily my own) so that we can enjoy the taste of summer peaches and salsas come the dreary days of January. This is the time of year too when I lose interest in nursing along my scraggly flower baskets and dream of smelling exotic flowers in some far away escape this winter.

The outdoor furniture gets tucked up and the flip flops get put away. This year my challenge is to dig out our winter footwear from the higgledy-piggledy mess of the garage size storage unit in which all our worldly possessions are stored. That mammoth task will engender the even bigger task of pulling out a pile of items we need to sell or give away.  Now that my spouse is looking at live-aboard boats for our next place of residence, forty boxes of books and a piano seem extravagant even to me.

Because the year seems to stretch forever until next summer, and because I hate endless gray and rainy days, I decided to buy lots of entertainment tickets to break up our progress down the darkening tunnel to the shortest day of the year.  We’ll be laughing, singing and emotionally moved on a regular basis until Christmas at least.  (I just realized that we didn’t need to pay for all that therapy when the kids still lived at home and provided it for free.)

I’ve taken baby steps toward healthier living too.  And oh, aren’t the planning stages of diet and exercise so edifying!  I refuse to keep any more clothes that I don’t fit into – besides where would I store them all on the new boat/residence?

I thought about classes at the local college as well but unfortunately, my work schedule gets in the way.  I’ll have to self educate with books and cds from the library. Hopefully, next year at this time that won’t be  problem. Until then, Berlitz, bring it on! Kalos se vrika!

There is comfort in the change of season. Quiet evenings with a book or knitting by the fireside beckon. The possibilities of new friends and new directions in education or projects tempt us like new wine. Even though fall signals the end of the exuberant extroversion of the outdoor season there is renewal in the review and reworking of plans for the interior life. Happy Old Year!